One afternoon back in June 2015, I sat above Winnats Pass for the first time in awe of this incredible limestone gorge. Before that day, I’d spent very little time exploring the British countryside. I ended up here after coming across a beautiful photo on Flickr, and after Googling the location, was shocked to find it was only an hours drive from my house. That weekend I made the trip to Castleton and was blown-away. I had no idea how magic the landscape here could be.

That day was a real turning point in my life. After making a few photos, I decided I needed to see what more our little Island had to offer. That Summer, I hiked Kinder Scout and ran around on Chrome Hill. I bought my first ‘proper’ camera and began documenting my days out. I made a trip to Dorset and marvelled at Durdle Door, slept in my car besides Wastwater and spent my birthday roaming the mighty Glencoe.

The next three years followed a similar pattern. I found my dream house on the Gower Peninsula, took a boat trip to Loch Coruisk, learnt to surf at Polzeath and kept my cool on Crib Goch. I’ve taken (almost) every opportunity I’ve had to spend time Outdoors, and developed a deep love for Britain whilst doing so.

Embracing life here has nurtured many aspects of who I am today. I have more gratitude than ever before and I’m truly thankful for being born on this small island. My passion for photography & the Outdoors has grown exponentially and I’m continually trying to limit my environmental impact. Within my work I strive to encourage others to develop a sense of adventure and build a connection with Nature. Whenever I travel, I have a greater appreciation that before for the places I visit as I’m no longer there as a means of escape.

With this zine, I wish to share that with all of you. I hope it reflects my love for this part of the World, but also encourages you to get Outdoors, appreciate where you’re from and respect the Natural World.



This is my first zine and an experiment in the world of print, an area I’d like to develop my skills within. Please bare that in mind whilst enjoying the zine. I’m always open to constructive criticism so by all means let me know if you have any words of advice, I’d appreciate it.

The aim of the zine was to provide as much value as possible at the least expense to the consumer, the price set at £8 offers little in the way of profit for myself.

When I find a minute, I hope to share with you how I went about the project, from selecting the images to finding a printer and everything I’ve learning throughout the process. Printing is a huge eye-opener.

HOME contains some, but my no means all, of my favourite photographs from the past three years. I see this as the first edition, or perhaps a precursor to a more comprehensive book in a few years time.  

The zine is on sale through February only.

Orders begin shipping 11th February.

Thankyou for being here. It means the World to me.

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Ryan x

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India on Film

I spent the first three weeks of December in India. It was my first time in the country and like most peoples first time, it was a ride.

Mostly I loved it, at other times, I really didn’t. It was equal parts incredible and intense. In the same minute, it could be breathtaking and heartbreaking. My sense were pulled from one extreme to the other and back again. It’s a truly fascinating country.

Throughout my time in India, I shot mainly on the Fuji X-Pro2 but I also carried my film camera, a Contax T2. I’m happy with the film I got from the trip, despite how little I used it, mainly just for some nice in-between moments. I’m heading back to India later this year and will try to use the T2 some more. For now though, here’s a few from this trip. Shot on ColourPlus 200 and Portra 400.